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Nature & Wildlife Pictures 4.0 Public Beta

I have never published a public beta for this application before. That is mostly because it is a free download with in-app purchases. Beta’s don’t change that, it just means you get a chance to try out the latest version sooner. This beta version has a couple of cool new features that I want people to have the chance to try out.

First, there are new Widgets. The N&WP app has three sizes available, the one pictured above is the large. Each of the widgets has an image background (small is blurred) with the current day of the month and local Sunrise/Sunset times displayed. There is a different background image for every day of the week. For those who are not familiar with Widgets, they are informational blocks that are located on your iPad or iPhone home screens. With the phone users can move widgets to any place within the home screens and on the iPad they stay at the left side Today view area. To calculate the sunrise and set times users will need to allow location tracking “Always”.

Second, there are new watch faces available to Apple Watch owners. In the past I have made images available that can be saved and used to create watch photo faces but now selecting a face will load a working Apple Watch Face right on to your device. No fuss no muss.

Here is the link to the public beta every one is invited to try it out on your own iPhone or iPad running iOS 14.

Perspective++ Now Available


New name, new look, new features, Get it Straight for iPhone & iPad has now become Perspective++ for iPhone, iPad, and Silicon chip Macs. The new user interface has many more touch (or mouse, stylist) interactions than before. In most cases simple swipes up, down, right, or left are all that is needed to make adjustments. Only one of the awkward sliders remains in the app. Sliders work great but need to be displayed and that tends to either hide portions of the image being edited or makes that image smaller. Hand gestures like swipes allow for full screen presentation of images.

The new Perspective++ also has a great new “Fisheye” feature that is far more than jus a fisheye lens effect. This effect is entirely user defined.  Users are able to select the location of the effect as well as the size and intensity, all done with hand gestures. With that level of control edits can be be made ranging from the classic fisheye lens effect, to giving greater emphasis certain areas of the image, to creating crazy art effects.

There are other improvements throughout the application like a library of recent edits and support for multi-tasking on all iPads. There is more than that too, but rather than listing every single item I would greatly prefer that folks simply try out the new app by downloading or upgrading.

You can get your very own copy of Perspective++ at the link below and please keep in mind it costs less than a cup of coffee.


Perspective++ There’s a New Beta in Town


The Get It StraightPhoto Editor application for iPhone and iPad is getting a new name. Soon to be known as Perspective++ there is a lot more new than just the name too. Perspective++ has an all new design with new features. It also has a new Public Beta that anyone can join. Simply download the Apple TestFlight free application and click on the link below from your iPad or iPhone.

The photo above shows the result of one of the new filters. You might be wondering what  is special about it and if you are check back in a couple of days when I will post a tutorial of what I did.

OK, download the beta at the link above and check out the all new Perspective++ app. You can also purchase the production version here.

Stickers Anyone?

Just released new versions of Seattle Stickies and Birds for Words iMessage Sticker packs with new stickers. They are both version 2.0 and work with the latest iOS devices.

For those of you not aware of what a Stickers App is here is a great explanation from

Apple has made it possible for you to make your messages a lot more interesting with the help of apps and stickers in iMessages. You can use stickers as stand-alone images, or slap them right on top of someone else’s chat bubble (or sticker, or picture). Apps integrate information so you can, say, book a table at a restaurant or share movie times with others. Your friends can also change dates and times in some instances so everyone can collaborate together.


Nature & Wildlife 3.3.3 Now Available

snowleopardThe latest version, 3.3.3, of Nature & Wildlife Pictures has been released. There are lots of new images to see with an overall increase in the number of free full resolution images available. Sadly, in order to keep the app size reasonable many great images from the previous version have been removed. With future updates images will be rotated out of the app and may never return so if you see something you like it is best to download it as soon as possible. The vast majority of images in Nature & Wildlife are free to download and use for non-commercial purposes. The app is also a free download and has translations for Spanish, French, and Italian. There are also 11 of my favorite images and artworks available for purchase starting at just $0.99. Nature & Wildlife Pictures is available for all models of iPhone and iPad running iOS 12.

you can download your own free copy of Nature & Wildlife Pictures at the link below.


Seattle Stickies Ver. 1.2.5 Now Available


This newest version of Seattle Stickies for iMessage includes a new sticker commemorating the Alaskan Way Viaduct, which for more than 50 years served as Seattle’s waterfront highway. The Alaskan Way was recently replaced by a tunnel and will be demolished in the coming months. I had the opportunity to visit and photograph the abandoned double deck highway before demolition started and was able to make the new sticker. I hope everyone enjoys it.

To celebrate the viaduct and Seattle Pride Month starting this Saturday, June 15, 2019, Seattle Stickies downloads will be free of charge for one week.

Click the link below to download your very own copy of Seattle Stickies.


Birds for Words Updated


Birds for Words the iMessage sticker app has been updated to version 1.7. This update includes two new bird stickers “Peace” and “Sleep”. Version 1.7 also adds support for the Chinese language.

For anyone who may not be familiar with iMessage Stickers here is a brief explanation.

Apple has made it possible for you to make your messages a lot more interesting with the help of apps and stickers in iMessages. You can use stickers as stand-alone images, or slap them right on top of someone else’s chat bubble (or sticker, or picture). Apps integrate information so you can, say, book a table at a restaurant or share movie times with others. Your friends can also change dates and times in some instances so everyone can collaborate together.

Even more information available Here

You can download your own Birds for Words sticker pack at the link below.


Seattle Stickies 1.2.4 Now Available


The newest version of Seattle Stickies, the iMessage sticker application, was released today. Version 1.2.4 includes two new stickers and more language translations. The new stickers are “Post Ally – time to eat” and “Seattle Coffee”. Post Ally celebrates the waterfront vendor ally and the famous eateries in it. Coffee, well that does not need any explanation.

In addition to the new stickers I have also removed all of the political content from the app. Given the overwhelming amount of bad behavior in social media, there is no room to safely express a political opinion and so there will be no more politics based stickers. So sad American society is abusive to others online!

You can download your very own copy of Seattle Stickies at the link below.



Black Friday Sale – Free Downloads for Get it Straight App


Thats right folks, not just on Black Friday but through the holiday weekend you can download the Get it Straight – Photo Editor application for iPhone and iPad for free. This application normally costs $1.99 USD. Beginning Friday Nov. 23 thru Sunday Nov. 25, The app will be free to have and hold forever with no upsells and no advertising.

For those who are not familiar with Get it Straight, here is a list of the features that make this application a valuable resource for any photographer:

  • Perform horizon adjustment, perspective adjustment, and cropping in one operation.
  • Drag and drop images into the application on capable devices.
  • Application automatically scales very large images like multi-image panoramas to the device capabilities for quick and smooth performance.
  • Full screen display of images being edited.
  • Allows users to pinch and zoom into the finished artwork to precisely examine the adjustments.
  • GIS is both a stand alone application that allows camera use,  importing, and exporting images from and to numerous sources and is also a Photos Editing Extension for the native Apple Photos application. With the Photos Editing Extension users can perform the complex distortion correction while making all the other edits without needing to export the photo to another app or service.
  • Users considering printing their masterpieces are able to see the images mounted on walls and other vertical surfaces with augmented reality. When viewing images with AR, users have the option of three frame styles, light colored oak, cherry wood, or dark walnut, with the choice of no frame, thin, regular, and thick frame styles. Users can also choose from five different overall picture sizes to get an accurate feel for what large prints would look like mounted on a wall.
  • No ads, No up-sells. Users pay once for the application and that’s it.


You can download and use your own copy of Get it Straight for less than the price of a cup of coffee. Just hit the link below.



Canvas Art Gets Spooky


Canvas Art ver. 1.1.1 is now available just in time for Halloween. This special edition includes a new “Spooky” filter using machine learning. Users can now change their artwork to an orange and black Halloween themed image, save and share as desired.

Also included in the update is support for the latest operating system, iOS 12 and the new iPhones. There is an improvement to image processing in the Photos Extension where some larger images could not be processed for final output.

Canvas Art is just .99 USD for a limited time at the link below.