The Great Journey in Photography

Moonridge Animal Park

If you are looking to get some great images of Eagles, American Kestral, or an Owl and you are in Southern California, check out the Moonridge Zoo in Big Bear. This place is very small but is home to a pretty nice collection of birds, all of whom have been injured and would not survive in the wild. You will be shooting through chain link fencing most of the time but can get as close as a foot or two to many of the birds so portraits are pretty easy. Once a day the staff also brings out one featured animal (at noon) and does a show and tell giving great photo opportunities.

The park is also hosting a photo competition on May 15 where photographers will be given extraordinary access to the wildlife. Winners will have photo’s published in the official zoo calendar. Competition will be held in four classes, beginner, intermediate, pro, and child. Admission is $9.00 for adults, $6.00 for seniors and children.

One word of warning. The zoo is located in a ravine and is heavily shaded by trees, so it is pretty dark most of the time. You will want to have the fastest glass possible. When I went there last I used a mono pod and I think as long as there are not any large crowds, a tripod would be ok too.


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