The Great Journey in Photography

A Nice Pair

Brown Pelican at Bolsa Chica Wetlands

Last weekend I took out my new (to me) D2x  for it’s first real day of bird shooting. I paired it up with my trusty Tamron 200-500mm lens. I really like that Tamron, but lets face it, the lens is slow focusing and at 500mm shoots at f6.3. I had been shooting that lens for the last year on my old D200 and the limitations were starting to frustrate me. Enter the D2x. This camera was just serviced by Nikon and came to me in “like new” condition. I was not all that optimistic for better performance seeing that the D200 was actually newer technology. The main reasons I went with a D2x was for better battery and full sized body. Much to my delight the D2x body performs leaps and bounds better than the D200. More accurate metering, and focusing are the two big differences and a very close third is the 100% view finder.

The good old Tamron performs like a champ now too. It pairs up very well with the body. It meters well and auto focusing is noticeably improved. All in all, a very nice pair.


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