The Great Journey in Photography

Another Round for the Crew

Great Blue Herons Greet the Day in the Treehouse

As the weather starts to warm up it is getting close to that time when many of Bolsa Chica’s winter residents head out of town. This winter brought some great birds and for me the best photos of my life. I set out on what would most likely be my last outing of the season. The objective-Birds in Flight. The gear- 1 body (d2x), 1 lens (100-300 f4), 2 batteries, 4 cards, and 2 feet. Nothing else. A minimal approach and a real change from lugging around a couple of bodies, bag, tripod, and flash setup.

Checking Under the Hood

We all know that Bif’s are super challenging, and the “in flight” rule quickly gave way to some more artistic images. Great Blue Herons were really active and I finally got a nice sunrise silhouette tree shot that I had been looking for through much of the winter.

While not entirely happy with any of the BiF shots and having miscalculated the wind direction, there are a few keepers.

Hanging Out (Shutter 1000, f4, iso 400, 300mm)

Brown Pelican Heading Out (Shutter 1000, f9, iso 250, 300mm)

You can see more of my bird photos here.


One response

  1. Love the top photo Ron! The D2X must be thrilled not having to shoot boring events and products.
    Take Care,

    March 20, 2010 at 5:37 pm

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