The Great Journey in Photography

Hidden Gems

Every time I download my images after a shoot I have a mental list of the photos that I am going to concentrate on. They are always the most memorable and look good in camera. I call these the “Keepers”. I usually limit keepers to no more than six per day. Obviously, my work flow consists of mostly non keeper images. I have a junk pile. I usually take four or five passes through the junk over the period of a month or two just to be sure I don’t regret any deletions. Then there are the “If Only” images. These are pictures that could have been great except for some huge problem or situation. You know, like when you say to yourself “I love that shot…too bad I couldn’t get it during magic hour”. I always keep those for reference, and aid in previz future shots.

And then there are the “Hidden Gems”. These are the photos that don’t catch my eye, sometimes for quite a while, but eventually get processed. Rarely do the hidden gems get seen by any one but myself. Probably because they are old news, but maybe it is because I think of them as my special little orphans, or perhaps it is just because they just aren’t all that good after all.

Whatever the case, today I present Hidden Gems from March 2010.


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