The Great Journey in Photography

Autofocus Tip

This is not the tip, but if you do any wildlife or sports photography, you really need to try using the AF button on the back of the camera for focusing. It separates the focusing from the shutter button which allows you to more easily lock focus, follow moving subjects, and recompose shots. I realize it may not be for everyone, but it sure works wonders for me and its worth giving it a try.

Here’s the tip. I first thought of this reading Ralph A Clevenger’s book Photographing Nature: A photo workshop from Brooks Institute’s top nature photography instructor, so credit to him.

I take the fabric (loops) side of Velcro tape and punch out circles with a 3 hole paper punch. They are the perfect size for the AF buttons, stick right on and hold very well. I also punch out extras and have them in my bag in case one falls off. There are two big benefits to doing this.

1. The fuzzy fabric texture makes it almost impossible to mix up the AF button with any others when you don’t have time to look at the back of your camera.

2. The extra height of the Velcro pad puts much less stress on my thumb. For me, without the Velcro it was like I was always trying to push the button down into the recesses of the body, with it my thumb feels on top of things and the angle is much more comfortable


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