The Great Journey in Photography

Night Heron Portrait

Night Heron bird portrait

Nikon D2x iso 200, 500mm, f10, 1/640sec

Night Herons have always been elusive for me. It seems like every time I see one it is either very shy or hanging out in a bunch of tree branches. Last weekend I finally hit pay dirt. I was sitting in a bush area waiting for something good to happen. This Night Heron flew into the area and landed right between me and the sun. No hope for a good shot I pulled back and circled around. True to form this guy didn’t want me to get close, bouncing off two or three times. I got in as close as I dare and then crawled in the last ten or twelve feet. It was well aware of my presence but gave in a couple of minutes. Sort of like photographing the Queen (not that I ever photographed the Queen), “Sir, you have three minutes to conduct your business”. Then the Night Heron flew off.

I was happy.


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