The Great Journey in Photography

Hawk in the House

Cooper's Hawk in the backyard

500mm, 400iso, 1/500sec handheld

Yesterday morning a few minutes after I laid out some birdseed I heard screeching the likes of which I had only heard a couple of times before. Those two times it was a Merlin passing through looking for a meal. I doubted a Merlin would be around this time of year, but there must have been some kind of predator. I peeked out the door and much to my surprise this Cooper’s Hawk was hanging just a few feet away. All the other birds were hiding in the shrubs and the Hawk was waiting for one to appear. As I rushed to grab my gear, the Hawk bounced around a bit anxious to make a kill. I wish it would have ended up on a branch rather than the fence, but the light was good and I made the shot.

Note: No Avian lives were lost in the filming of this animal. I must admit that I was a bit conflicted between scaring off the Hawk to protect my little ones and having the chance to capture a kill. In the end I didn’t need to make the choice, my desire to get even closer scared off the big bird with no damage done.


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