The Great Journey in Photography

Nikon 300mm f2.8 Rocks

Osprey portrait1

300mm f6.3 250iso 1/1500sec

Juco portrait

300mm f3.5 250iso 1/1200sec

Just a quick note to let everyone know about the new nikon 300mm f2.8 lens. After more than a year of saving I finally received my lens last weekend. Of course it is amazing and is going to take a good bit of practice until I get up to speed with all the bells and whistles, but here are a couple of images and a few initial thoughts about the lens.

VR is really cool but is not the best part of this lens by any means. I am the guy who has never photographed any bird with a stabilized lens before last week, so shutter speed is a constant function of my mind and right now I just don’t see where VR makes things all that much better.

What is so much better is the Chromatic Aberration, or rather the lack of it. No CA around feathers against the sky. That is huge for me, having clean crisp images right out of the camera every time makes life so much easier.

By far the sharpest lens I have ever used and yields outstanding feather detail and bokeh. Then again it should be for the price Nikon is asking.

One other really cool thing about this lens is the really nice bag that it comes with. Holds the lens with camera attached very well.

I am going to be pairing it up with tele-converters in the near future, and will report back with results then also.


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