The Great Journey in Photography


Sleeping Western Gull

500mm f8.0 250iso 1/3000sec

So if you follow me  you may already know that I am on a little kick about photographing Gulls. In an effort to portray these birds in a more pleasing light I have pledged to make a real effort to get acquainted with as many types (there are 27 in North America) of the species as I can. Today I present the Western Gull. I hope you all find the compositions interesting if nothing else. They are not the same bird (probably not) as these two images were taken at different times of the day with different lenses.

The Western Gull is very common along the West Coast but strangely enough I do not often see them at my usual shoreline haunts. I traveled a hundred miles to the South and there they are all over the place. These Gulls primarily feed on human food refuse, preying on the young of other birds and stealing from other birds.

I also invite you read this article I ran across in the Houston Chronicle “Identifying gulls confounds even experienced birders” by Gary Clark from

western Gull preening

300mm f4.5 iso250 1/2000sec

For mor images of gulls and other birds visit my website


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