The Great Journey in Photography

A Few More From La Jolla Cove

Brown Pelican jumping off a rock at La Jolla Cove

300mm f4.5 250iso 1/1000sec

Here are a few more images from a recent trip to La Jolla Cove in San Diego CA. During Winter the Brown Pelicans are the big attraction. These big colorful creatures like to hang out on the cliffs preening and carrying on.

Western Gull portrait at La Jolla cove

500mm f8 250iso 1/2000sec

There were plenty of Western Gulls hanging around all day long. Without a doubt the most approachable bird I ran across. I like the pure white front with yellow bill although it can be a challenge to get a good exposure.

Brown Pelican in flight at La Jolla Cove

300mm f6.3 250iso 1/2000

Late in the morning I was able to see dozens of Browns flying across the cove often in groups of up to 10 birds. As the morning moves on the light becomes harsh and images tend to look washed out but let the Sun hide behind a cloud for a minute or two and some nice shots can be made.

…And now for something completely different.

Sea Lion on a rock at La Jolla Cove

Sea Lion on a rock at La Jolla Cove

About midday I was out playing around when I decided to photograph some Sea Lions and I noticed this poor guy. You can see that it has a rather large wound on its neck what you maybe can not see is that the animal has fishing line wrapped around its entire neck. I was shooting next to a photographer from Alaska who said that he specialized in large mammals. He said the Lion was in great agony, I on the other hand felt as though it did not really appear to be bothered by the wound very much. I defer to the expert. I did not post this photo to tell a story about pain and agony though. Rather, the story I want to tell is one of being touched by man. I doubt that anyone intentionally left line out in the waters so this poor Sea Lion could get wrapped up in it, yet it still happened. so many times the tiniest little thing that we do as humans can have a great impact on the ecosystem and all the other creatures that share our world.

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