The Great Journey in Photography

The Beauty of Flight

Great Blue Heron in flight

300mm f4.5 250iso 1/2500sec

For centuries man has watched the flight of birds with amazement. Whether it is the majestic soaring of Birds of Prey for endless periods of time, the turn on a dime aeronautics of Terns and other such medium birds, or the seemingly effortless hovering of the humming-bird, man has watched gravity defying antics with great envy. Galileo made wings but couldn’t fly, the Wright Brothers got off the ground ever so briefly, now a century later we are shooting winged craft into space billions of dollars a time. With the shuttle Discovery final launch and the impending end of the American Space Shuttle Program I can’t help but think about  the last hundred or so years. The untolled expense and loss of human treasure all in the name of overcoming the laws of gravity and achieving flight. The one thing that our avian counterparts take for granted and do so naturally.

Brown Pelican rounding the fourth pylon

300mm f5.6 250iso 1/1250sec

As an Avian photographer I usually try to capture the beauty and grace of birds in flight. Sometimes it is caught, sometimes it is an awkward or comical moment, sometimes it is just plain boring. Even though the unusual has it’s charms the blame fore missing the grace and beauty flight is always on the chowderhead behind the camera. The centuries march on but the beauty of flight will always be the same.

bird migration

300mm f4.0 320iso 1/1250sec

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