The Great Journey in Photography


Osprey with fish

300mm f7.1 250iso 1/750sec

Seems like most people in the world like to call it passion. For me that word is confusing, it has different meanings to different folks and is really over used. I think a far more appropriate word is “Drive”. Drive is the third leg of the tripod if you will, purpose and vision being the other two. You can read my thoughts on both purpose and vision in two of my previous posts. So what is drive?

  • Drive is the desire to bring home all the other things that purpose and vision bring before you.
  • Drive is getting up at ungodly hours, traveling for hours just to catch the sunrise.
  • Drive is knowing that you are not that good but believing you will be.
  • Drive is patience.
  • Drive is 80% learning and preparation.
  • Drive is always doing what you say you are going to do.
  • Drive is blowing it time after time and still getting back in the game like you just sold a million dollar print.
  • Drive is everything but 5’7″ above the ground.

And that is just the short list.

One thing is sure about the three legs of successful bird photography and that it is really hard. It is really hard to do technically and unfortunately takes a fairly large financial commitment. It is hard physically at times. Lastly it is really hard to maintain the level of commitment required to get out the and fulfill your dreams. There are tons of really talented photographers in this realm and it is easy to feel little or lost in the woods at times but I assure anyone that sticks with it will eventually rise toward the top. And just one other thing, anyone who goes out and makes just one nice sharp technically correct avian photo should be very proud of their work because it is by no means an easy task to accomplish. You have just done something that most other people will never accomplish.

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