The Great Journey in Photography

I Follow Fat Guys

Great Blue Herons at Bolsa Chica

300mm f4.5 200iso 1/1250sec

I’m a fat guy so it only makes sense. When I was a kid I wanted to be an Indy car driver. When I got a little bit older I had the chance to sit in an actual Indy car. Being of large proportions at the time I found it impossible. No way could I get in the car let alone drive one. I met a couple of drivers and quickly noticed that their body type was much closer to that of a jockey than it was to me. A harsh reality for such a young man but a reality none the less. So when I say I follow fat guys it really does make sense. I didn’t say I only follow fat guys either.

When I say “follow” I am talking about those people who usually consider themselves educators and publish material on the web, social media, and in print. I follow their work and hopefully tap into their vast knowledge and experience on any given subject. I will admit that the only real purpose of following any one is to advance my personal skill level. I am not trying to be anyone’s friend or get in to some exclusive clique, I just want to become a better photographer. I have friends who are professional photographers who I don’t follow. I don’t need to. If I have a question or need advice I will just call or send an e-mail. So, back to the fat guy part. I think there are unique skill sets and obstacles related to the size of ones body in photography. It may not be nearly as important as in other things like sports but it is still there. Sometimes those little differences can lead to big differences.

Here is one example of how such a little difference had a big effect on me. World Famous skinny photographer says if you want to do nature and wildlife photography you should really get some knee pads and in particular ones that have gel pads. Totally un-famous photographer (me) runs out and buys the most expensive Nike gel pads he can find. The biggest ones he can find. They hurt like hell because they are not made for thick legged people. End result, un-famous photographer doesn’t wear his knee pads nearly as often as he should his knees hurt and he spends less time close to the ground. A couple of months later world-famous fat guy photographer says you need some gel pad knee pads but be sure to go out to Home Depot to get them because they are adjustable and more comfortable (and cheaper too). That’s the advantage of following the fat guy. If there is a world-famous skinny photographer who gets a particular shot hanging upside down over a cliff and you want to deconstruct that photo in hopes of emulating it somewhere along the line you are kind of wasting you time because hanging upside down off a cliff is not your reality and you are never going to get the shot.

That’s what I mean when I say I follow fat guys. There is an advantage all be it a small one. Every little bit counts.

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  1. Thank you for a great post.

    May 14, 2011 at 12:11 am

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