The Great Journey in Photography

Larger Than Life-More Better BiF’s

tern in flight

300mm f7.1 200iso 1/800sec

Breaking one rule can be cool but breaking rules all the time is just annoying. One thing that I just love to see and do are images of a bird so large in the frame that a big portion of the body goes right off the image. I suppose the correct method of composition is to fill the subject within the frame and if any portions go out of the frame crop in to be sure everyone knows you meant to do it that way. That is not what I am referring to, I am talking about acquiring and keeping images that go way off the canvas. I am sure that there are those who would say that a bird shot should be composed with the entire body in the frame. That is all good except for one thing, I really like it! To me it tends to make the subject larger than life and I am going to continue doing it. I used to discard a lot of these images thinking that the composition was just out of whack and a lot of times they are, but there is also a decent percentage of them that are technically correct and illustrate a feature or two that I really like. I really think that most of the time the goal should be to have the entire bird in the frame on a bird in flight image and have the bird fill up the frame also, but there are those occasions when birds are so close that they become larger than life. I want to capture that feeling and I think having the subject going right through the frame accomplishes that quite well. Composition is subjective, so if there is something out of the norm that catches your eye go ahead and do it, perfect it and make it your own. If it is good enough for you chances are it is good enough.

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