The Great Journey in Photography

Best Little App This Side of the Atlantic

Duck at Red Hill Park-4

500mm f8 400iso 1/180sec

I have mentioned it here a couple of time already but there has been a recent update to one of my favorite applications. iBird Explorer Pro is the application and I have it installed on my iPad and iPod Touch. iBird is a product line put out by the Mitch Waite Group and the pro version contains every bird in North America including Hawaii.This interactive field guide has the best search function I have ever seen with close to 40 parameters including search by month and by song. The latest iOS version is now a universal application. No longer does the iPhone app have to scale up for the iPad giving the pad users a remarkable experience of sharp text and high-resolution images. Once you have found your bird you will see illustrations, photos, range maps, info, and links to a “birdapedia” page (read Wikipedia) for even more information. You can maintain you bucket list of bird sightings and images with their favorites list. One of my favorite features is the song audio. For many birds there are more than one songs or calls to be played and as an added bonus they can be looped for continuous play. This will come in handy for attracting birds.

There are a couple of downsides to iBird Pro. The file size is rather large for a mobile application coming in at over 370Mb, so if space is a concern you may want to look somewhere else. It is also expensive for a mobile application at $29 but is on par with a print edition and well worth the investment if you use it on a regular basis. The app also is only birds of North America so if you happen to be at a zoo or out of the area photographing exotic birds you will most likely be out of luck identifying them with iBird. Strangely enough I almost never use iBird in the field, actually I never use any field guide in the field, but do use it for reference on a daily basis. If you are into bird photography or just birding and have an iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, or Android device I recommend spending the money for iBird Pro the best little app this side of the Atlantic.

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The moon has come over the ridge and the wolves are howling at the injustice. What comes around goes around!-RB


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