The Great Journey in Photography

Less Than Serious and Google+ Invites

Selling photographs and artwork is serious business, acquiring and maintaining thousands of dollars worth of gear is serious business, and making a great photograph is serious business. I am not a particularly serious person. I like to goof around as much as the next person maybe even more. More than goofing around I like to noodle with fun software. Last week I found an iPad/Phone application called Halftone that fits right into my less than serious life style. Halftone takes one of your images and turns it into a comic strip halftone image look. You can add captions, thought bubbles, and other colorful text that brings your own pictures to life in a rather unique way. So if you are occasionally looking for a distraction from the more serious things in life this 99 cent app might be your ticket.

I know it is all the rage in social media right now and for a while invites were hard to get but I have made it onto Google+ and have some of my own invites to give away. Just click the link here no strings attached.

You can visit my Google+ profile here.

PS-Note to WordPress. You software sucks lately. I have never had so many posts deleted while trying to save a draft. I always wanted to write each post three times!! You know your platform sucks when best practice it to copy all text before trying to save. If you are trying to get users to leave your platform–Well Done!


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