The Great Journey in Photography

Faces in the Crowd

Brown Pelicans at Bolsa Chica

300mm f7.1 500iso 1/2000sec

I am guessing that it is time to close the book on the Summer exploits of Ruby and Edgar. A little sooner than I was expecting, I think last week was the last time I will see them, or at least know who they are. I set out for a few more hours of practice wondering if my streak of encountering the pair of Brown Pelicans would stay alive. There was an extreme low tide and I was not sure where or if I could find the two but as luck would have it they found me. I happened upon a wonderful opportunity to make a portrait of a Brandts’ Cormorant when one of them buzzed me on the way to a deep water fishing hole. The light was crappy harsh and I actually got a much better second chance at that Cormorant a bit later, but I knew it was on with the pelicans and if  history was an indicator I would catch Ruby and Edgar at work well into the golden hour. I am calling this the end of the story because during those few hours I spied about 20-30 more Brown Pelicans moving into the area for the Fall and Winter. A little early by my estimation but maybe this is an indicator that it will be a season of bountiful wildlife. Ruby and Edgar were still easy to spot though, they had been working the best fishing holes all Summer while the new comers were still just getting settled in.

more pelicans at Bolsa Chica-4

420mm f7.1 500iso 1/1500sec

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about some minor errors and bad choices I made and I am happy to report that I did learn from that experience. First, the two birds helped out a lot by fishing an area that had consistent sunlight mostly to my back. I only used the 1.4x teleconverter for a short while, once I knew the Pelicans were going to be plenty close I removed it and the whole set up became a little easier to use. I kept the aperture around f7-9 for the most part but pushed the shutter speed higher by setting the iso up to 500 which is much higher than I normally use on the D2x. The results were much improved even using the teleconverter.

Everyone knows I like my images big, bold, in your face and I think I did a decent job in getting there but you can be the judge. I may never see Ruby and Edgar again but I think this season is shaping up to be a good one.

more pelicans at Bolsa Chica-5

300mm f7.1 500iso 1/1250sec

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed the post.

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