The Great Journey in Photography

Winning Personality

pair of birds looking into sunset

300mm f3.2 200iso 1/640sec

I am not a biologist or an ornithologist, I don’t even play one in the movies but I can’t help but to know that birds have personalities. Take any group of birds and you will see one that is more active than the others, some will think of it as playful but I tend to think that birds don’t play, everything they do has a purpose, but none the less there is always one more active than the others. There will also be a “curious’ one. That’s the one that will come very close to check you out. Then there will be the loner, the one who tends to be somewhat away from the others.

In bird photography we can use this to our advantage. Depending on what your goals are you can hone in on the subject that is going to get the best results. Notice how those two old themes “purpose and vision” keep playing into these things? You have to have goals to take advantage of this method. For example if you are looking to capture some action shots you will want to find the most active bird. Looking for close-ups? find the curious one (usually the young) and try sneak up on the loner for those wonderful environmental portraits.

It all comes back to knowing what you are going to do before you do it, but the more you learn about the birds you are photographing the more they will tend to cooperate with you.

You can see more winning personalities at


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