The Great Journey in Photography

Pixels or Paper?

Marsh Maven Wrap

So you are finally making some really good bird photographs and it is time to begin sharing them, whether it is just for friends and family or for sale, there is still no equal to making prints. There are billions of walls across the globe and decorating them is still the best way to get you images shown. My work has turned a lot more to the artistic side the last year or so and I have found that printing on canvas is working out very well for me. Depending on how you process a photo a canvas print can look very much like a photograph or a work of art. There are three companies that I use and recommend for prints, today I will give you a quick rundown.

WHCC – White house custom color is my go to printer. They do about everything you can imagine from business cards to canvas gallery wraps. While I have only used a fraction of the services they offer, mainly gallery wraps and photo prints, I know them to be a very quick and reliable company. Quality is excellent, customer service is excellent, and prices are pretty good. I have made several canvas gallery wraps with them and always found the colors to be perfect and workmanship very good. When making gallery wraps there are some very important preparations you need to do, read the guidelines very carefully and follow them. All of my wraps have text and logos placed on the side and I have to say that they always land exactly where I wanted them. I don’t consider it a downside, but some may, WHCC uses the ROES system to submit images. It is an application you have to download, install, and log into in order to upload images. As far as I am concerned the ROES system makes things closer to fool-proof but I can see how it can be cumbersome to many photographers.

On the recommendation of a professional photographer friend of mine I have tried Canvas on Demand, and oh my gosh they are very good! Now as the name implies they only do canvas prints but you can pretty much get canvas any way you want. Quality and customer service is excellent. I have been making artistic framed prints in custom sizes and what I find to be absolutely invaluable is that custom size pricing is comparable to standard sizing. That’s right folks, no huge surcharge to do custom work. If I can make a complaint about Canvas on Demand it would be that as far as I know, they don’t do matte with any of their framed prints and the choice of frames is not hugely extensive, but you can also buy only the canvas and have it stretched and framed anyway you want yourself. The other thing that bugs me slightly with COD is that it can take a while to get your order. I have to admit that I have only done custom frames with them, but it does take about 3 weeks to get the final product.

And then there is the Apple print services. If you own a Mac you have all the software built-in to iPhoto or Aperture to make truly amazing prints, photo books, greeting and post cards. As one would hope for, the Apple experience is built-in to this service with rich and clear printing and professional looking layouts in the books. I am pretty sure that the service is contracted out to printers across the world but standards are high, shipping is fast and prices are consumer rates but still reasonable. If you are doing a photo book or a small number of prints this is a great service. The downside is that text options are limited, no canvas prints, and it is for Apple users only as far as I know.

Mice are feet down-Time to move on!

You can see more of my photos here.


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