The Great Journey in Photography

Sing the Body Electric

Fighting Sandhill Cranes

700mm f5.6 200iso 1/250sec

After about 4 years of regular doctor visits they have finally pinpointed an ailment and after all those years I am finally getting a medication that works. The moment I started the proper treatment I knew that the problem had been solved. It is amazing how a person can spend so much time and energy searching through a complex maze of symptoms,cause and effect, and false hope in order to eventually to land on the one simple solution.

I know is that the birding and bird photography crowd tends to be an older lot and my recent medical experiences gives me the occasion to pause and think about how it played into that thing that is so important to me. Bird photography. Nobody thinks of photography as a sport but it is as physical as you make it. It is one of those things that one can do successfully with little physical effort if need be but the more effort you put into it the more you get out of it. Some times I see people shooting from inside a car and wonder why. I often think to my self “perhaps that person is challenged”. I hear stories about birds being more approachable with vehicles, that might be true but I have never experienced it. Most of the time I have to hike a mile or two just to get to my location, but i digress. I really do believe that the more physical you are in your bird photography the better images you will have. Crawl on the ground and you will have a totally different perspective, crouching, kneeling, and hauling gear all require a physical effort.

As an older bunch I feel obligated to urge all of us to a good job of taking care of our bodies. I suspect there is room for improvement for each and every person who reads this blog so let’s make sure we are doing everything possible to take care of yourself. If you need a compelling reason to justify it, know that you will make better photographs by being in good physical shape and the peace of mind knowing that. We all have our crosses to bear and in my case it was just a little thing that was annoying and caused the occasional distraction, but as you take care of the little things it really does make life that much better.

Thanks so much for reading and here is hoping that we all have a happy and healthy year.

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Hey-Who stole the giant wooden shoe?

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