The Great Journey in Photography

New Gear Fear

Snowy Egret hanging in the wind

300mm f7.1 250iso 1/1,600sec

About 49.99% of the time I think my work sucks. 49% I think it is barely acceptable and a small sliver of the time I feel it is pretty good. It can be easy to slip into a funk working against those numbers. Just the few victories I do have made it all worth it though. What I really want to do today is write about the role new gear plays in making those numbers change one way or another. Bird photography is one of those places where the type and quality of your equipment makes a huge difference and then there is also the psychological advantage of using the gear you really want to have.

Most of my stuff is getting kind of long in the tooth and there is no doubt that some the newest cameras and lenses are items I lust for, but is it really needed? The difference between 5 frames per second and 9 frames is huge, that happened a while back for me. Megapixel and low light performance, not so much. I doubt there is any camera made that is tailored for wildlife photography, the megapixel wars during times when image size is becoming far less relevant is proof that camera manufacturers really care about making sales to those who are influenced by big numbers rather than real performance. Sure, there are improvements but nothing as dramatic as they would have you believe and certainly nothing that is going to dramatically change or improve how I make pictures. Ditto that for software. Every 10 months or so its a couple hundred dollars for this maybe five hundred for that, and the real kicker is that often it is not as good as the previous version. One new gimmick and you have to endure months of crashes and incompatibility, then they make the old version obsolete by not updating it. Yeah camera manufacturers and software makers really care about their customers. They do care about some, the elite few, those who actually help them sell products, they care about them a whole lot but you and I, the poor working folk who actually keep them in business, not so much.

It is kind of sad really because wanting, planning for, and buying new gear should be an exciting time. We should all enjoy the process knowing that things are going to be that much better when you finally make the goal and can get the prize we have been wanting so long. Big business taints all that though. I suppose the theme today is, be grateful for what you have, moderate your expectations, and expand your knowledge more than your camera bag. That is the best upgrade.

So how do you get the numbers flowing in your direction? Clearly it is not by going out and buying the stuff everyone says is “must have” new gear. Get what you must have by all means. With experience comes the wisdom of knowing what you really need and knowing the difference between hype and reality. Get more experience. That always works.

Thanks for reading-I hope you liked todays picture. You can see more of the every week so subscribe and enjoy. — Caio.


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    April 23, 2013 at 11:36 am

    • Thanks for stopping by. New post goes up every Friday morning. Hope to hear from you soon.

      April 23, 2013 at 11:53 am

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