The Great Journey in Photography

Best of the Best

Bosque Sunset

Hey gang. The picture above is one of my favorite images and I think it makes a great wall paper for your computer. As a thank You  for all of you who read the blog I posted a high resolution copy of this that you can download and use for yourself. Just click the image and download the full quality photo and use as you like.–Enjoy

Keeping with rule number two of Ron Boyd’s methods to stay motivated, I bought some new gear this week. The item, a brand new Really Right Stuff ballhead and L/camera plate. About six months ago I sold my only ballhead in preparation of getting the RRS piece. Financial woes set that back until this week. The financial woes are still there unfortunately but I found I just couldn’t live with out one any longer. For bird photography a ball head is not essential. About ninety percent of the time I am using my Gimbal head anyhow and that works great with long lenses but there are also plenty of times I want to make landscape images and panoramas. I have been using the gimbal for that too and it is awkward and difficult to do.

Really Right Stuff is widely regarded as one of the best names in photography, and the BH-55 Ballhead is the best of the best. It is big and expensive but is the perfect second support item for bird photographers. It can handle any weight you want to load it with a weight limit of fifty pounds. That will handle any camera/lens combo short of some video gear and it is really nice knowing I don’t have to spend the extra time swapping out heads in a fast paced situation. It truly is the last ballhead you will ever buy. I do have one very important option recommendation. When buying a new ballhead from RRS you will be given a clamp style option. You must get the Knob style ARCA/Swiss clamp instead of the quick release lever clamp. The quick release is a really cool set up that works fantastic for almost all photographers but if you ever have the occasion to throw your tripod over your shoulder or carry it on trails and through brush, you need to use the slower (and cheaper) knob style. While, depending on the lens plate you have, the quick release lever can accidentally be released by a branch or some other such thing leaving you a heartbeat away from disaster. Better safe than sorry. Really Right Stuff support products are not available through most camera gear outlets so most likely you will need to buy from them factory direct. Here is a link to RRS products.


Thanks so much for reading and a big shout out to all you international readers. Canada, UK, Israel, Pakistan, Turkey, Switzerland, Czech Republic, India. You guys are the greatest.



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