The Great Journey in Photography

Old School, Old Fool

Lonely Tree

As I slapped a stamp on the envelope that hold my payment for a Bald Eagle trip the other day I couldn’t help but think “what a difference a few years makes”. Yeah taking a trip to Alaska is something I could not have imagined a few years ago but most striking to me was that I found it odd to put a stamp on an envelope with a check inside and mailed it off to some distant location! The technical revolution marches on and many things that used to be standard practice are now the exception. Old school turns to old fool. One thing that always stays the same though is light. But not the quality of light. The quality of light is constantly changing. Changing minute by minute based on physics but also on a grand scale based on external factors like maybe pollution or, whats the politically correct term, “Global Climate Change”. In spite of that light always behaves the same.

No matter how much cameras and software improve, and yes some of the things they do these days are pure magic, light will never change how it works. Learn to see the light, in particular learn to see the color of light. Sit down during golden hour without a camera every once in a while, or better yet take a walk and watch the light change. When you can see the color change and the shadows soften minute by minute you are on the right track. Then learn how that light is going to be presented by your camera. See the light and interpret the light and you will always do it right. Somewhere along the line Old Fool turns to Old Sage.

A big thanks to everyone who stopped by in the month of September. It was the best month ever for new viewers.


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