The Great Journey in Photography

The Best of Times…The…

American Kestrel

American Kestrel

The worst of times. It started out as a beautiful afternoon with blue sky and white puffy clouds. That took most of the day for the sun to break through the overcast so I knew the clearing would not last long. By all rights it should have been a nice soft box day but by the time golden hour arrived the skies were all socked in and there was not enough light to do really meaningful bird photography. We have all been there, when weather does not cooperate. There are ways to handle it, almost always just going with the flow as it were. For much of the Sunset time I set my white balance to 7100k and shot right towards the sun, or at least where the sun should be. It made for some interesting photos, nothing like what I would normally do.

One bright spot of the day was the American Kestrel  in the photo above. Kestrel’s are not real common around these parts but they are not rare either. They are a difficult shot though being so small and relatively shy. There were a pair of them, which I don’t often see and they were hanging around one tree that makes for an interesting composition. Most of the time I watched them the shot was impossible with a gray sky the light balance just did not allow a good exposure of the bird. Finally, after a while there was a very short break in the clouds and the sun brightened up a bit and I was able to manage this shot with about +1.3 stop exposure compensation to get a good exposure of the bird. Everything else was overexposed but not blown out so I was able to bring the rest of the scene down with good detail. Not my best work by any stretch but I am happy to have made it. It was one I really had to work for.

Thanks for stopping by. Next time I will be off to Bosque Del Apache and some thoughts about the big “Sigmonster” 300-800mm lens I will be using. Until then, be good.


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