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Sunrise at the Bosque

Sunrise at the Bosque

Ever since my killer guard dog turned a hundred years old I have been careful about sharing dates and times that I am away from home. Last week was one such time as I was In the wonderful Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Reserve. Bosque is renowned for the spectacular Sunrises and sets it has during the Fall and Winter months. My first four days at the Bosque did not dissapoint. Each day being just as spectacular as the one before. It is hard to make an image that does the reality of Bosque justice, but try I did making hundreds of  photos every morning in the freezing cold. The one above is just one of many that comes close to what I saw.

Snow Geese on the move

Snow Geese on the move

Another thing that the Bosque is renowned for is the “Blast Off”. Every morning around sunrise thousands of Snow Geese fly out of the great pool, the morning sunrise pool, and fly out to the fields to feed. Sometimes almost every single bird leaves at the same time, hence the name “Blast Off”. Other times they depart in large groups in a period of a half hour or so. We didn’t see any spectacular blast offs this time out and in fact what I found far more interesting and photographic was the thousands of Geese that fly to the lake prior to sunrise to meet up with the others that stayed there the entire evening. They just keep coming in waves for an hour or so making great opportunities for making silhouettes and artistic blurs.

There were so many great birding places at the Bosque that it is impossible to show it all at one time so today is the Sunrise. In posts to come I will be showing many other interesting things and places in this little slice of the Land of Enchantment. Stay tuned for a full Sigma review, Sandhill Cranes, Ducks, the EVLA, and more.

Until then have a great day and God Bless – Ron


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  1. excellent story!!

    December 14, 2012 at 8:19 am

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