The Great Journey in Photography

The Best Medicine

Brown Pelican Portrait

You know, it happens to everyone at some time. Everyone falls into the funk. I’m not talking about Rick James(RIP) at the Roxy either, it’s that thing that prevents you from making great photographs. “I don’t have time, I don’t have the right gear, I can’t do anything right, Blaah, Blaah, Blaah, Funk, Funk, Funk, no one is immune. Well today I am going to give you a sure-fire remedy to kill the funk.

If you don’t have one go out and build a portfolio, no more than six images. Get yourself plenty of time and review every one of your photographs and pick out the best ones and explain to yourself why they are the best then ask What will make it better? Can I process it out better? and is it worthy of a portfolio? If you have a portfolio do a refresh. Since one of the goals of this exercise is to not overwhelm yourself don’t bite off more than you can chew. If you have a large body of work maybe just review one day and maybe just look for one photo that could be portfolio worthy. Take the time to stroll down memory lane, every picture has a story, relive those stories, even if just for a moment. Then work on different ways to process a few photos. Hopefully you will get lost in playing around, seeing things a different way, and just plain having fun. There is only one catch, you have to be sincere in you actions, no biggie, I kind of assume you all are anyway. Chances are you won’t find a suitable replacement but don’t worry about that you are not really looking for that anyhow. what you need is a distraction and something to get you excited about making better photos.


Thanks for reading everyone. If you have an iPad remember to download my new application wildlife HD It’s free for a limited time.


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