The Great Journey in Photography


Just another pair of sandhill cranes

800mm f5.6 250iso 1/6400sec

Seems like the most friendly and likable people I have met in my life happened when I was shooting birds. Stark contrast to some genuinely horrible humans I encounter on a daily basis. Dirty people with dirty minds are a drag. They are a drag and they bring others down to their low-level. Maybe because we share the passion, maybe it is because I only see them at their happiest or maybe it is because I live in the wrong circles, the people I really like are on the trail.

It all leads me to pause for a moment. I pause to think about recent events and the tornado that have hit Oklahoma and that two of nicest people I ever met are from Oklahoma city. I spent a few weeks there on vacation many years ago. I liked that but the people I met were at Bosque Del Apache last year. Such great ambassadors of their home state I left with the impression that everyone there was the same. So when I think about the devastation I think about millions of great people touched by disaster. It’s all about community I suppose, doesn’t have much to do with bird photography but is worth mentioning. Thoughts and prayers to all those who have been affected by the tornado.

Hey gang, big update to the Wildlife HD iPad application last week. If you have already downloaded it, Thank You, and make sure you update to the latest version. For those who downloaded and paid for the application in the last week there was a minor glitch in the files and the camera would not open on many machines. That bug has been fixed and is working its way through the iTunes approval process. Look out for version 1.1.2 and all functionality will be restored. Hopefully it will only be a day or two.icon

As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the picture as there is not a lot of substance to todays post. A pair of Sandhills from last years Bosque Del Apache adventure.

Have a great day and go out and get my app!

One response

  1. Terrific flight shot of the sandhills.

    May 25, 2013 at 11:42 am

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