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Shameless Self Promotion-A Little Bit More

Great Blue Heron in flight at Sunset

420mm f8.0 200iso 1/640sec

There is an elementary school in my neighborhood that I walk by several times a week and their mascot is a hawk. I have known this for years because it says “home of the hawks” on their welcome sign. The other day I was walking by and noticed a brand new mural on the side of a building. It was a hawk but it was a reproduction of the Seattle Seahawks football team logo. I doubt the team or the NFL granted the school permission to use the logo and there is no such bird as a sea hawk. The Osprey is often refereed to as a Seahawk but, it already has a name. I wanted to bang my head against the wall. I have hundreds of hawk images, just look at the top of this page. That school should have and probably would have used the artwork of a local resident (whose tax money helps support the school) in favor of another organization’s logo had they known such art was available. No one on the internet reached out to that school. It was a missed opportunity for me. Had I been proactive and contacted that elementary school years ago I would have had a decent shot at having my hawk artwork on the side of that building and probably get paid well for it too.

That is an excellent starting place for shameless self promotion. Traditional marketing still works pretty well believe it or not, a phone call or hard media has more value than an e-mail. However, digital communication is priceless for follow-up. The best place to start is also in your own neighborhood and that is how the saying “own your zip code” started. There is the old cliché that giving your photos to local restaurants will work wonders. Not so much with wildlife images, but you should look at school districts, doctor offices and other medical care facilities. Bird photos often have a calming effect and medical professionals like that. Here is a pro tip: there are interior design firms that do nothing but medical facilities and the buy a lot of high-end art and photographs.

A couple  more bits related to last weeks post that concentrated on the internet, I mentioned that tagging was very important. On some platforms it is keyword, others call it tags or hashes but what ever it is called you need to use them. Make sure you are using relevant and precise terms. Often people use inappropriate or controversial keys in order to get a lot of views. That works to a certain extent but it is really not the way you need to get views because they probably won’t come back, and if you are dishing up out-of-bounds search terms you will get censored. Unless you run your own servers, you almost always have to agree to behave in a reasonable manner that is at the services discretion. Abuse it and you will wind up with fewer followers.
Also, I just started reading a new book named “Blogging for Photographers” by Jolie O’Dell. I am familiar with Jolie’s work so I don’t hesitate to recommend the book before having finished it. I direct you to her website which in turn directs you to her Amazon link. If you are inclined to buy the book please follow that path. I feel it is important to give back to authors when ever possible.

A little shameless promotion of my own, you can download the latest version of my iPad application from the iTunes store for just $1.99 US. That will lock you in for all future updates and I can tell you the iOS7 update in the Fall is going to be huge with new content improved camera and filters, and tons of new content. Wildlife HD – Get it today.

Wildlife HD


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  1. Great photo! We would like to feature some of your photos on our blog wildilfehub. Email for more information. The link to the blog is

    June 15, 2013 at 7:07 am

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