The Great Journey in Photography

Circle of Life

Snowy Egret and friend

420mm f9.0 250iso 1/1000sec

This morning I find myself at a loss for words. I have a beloved pet in the final days of her life and I would rather tend to her needs at the expense of coming up with friendly tips or advice for bird photography. I figured in the end this was going to be the post would be the simple “a picture is worth a thousand words” and let the photography speak for its self.

It is going to be a very hot day today and beloved and I were out early wandering aimlessly about the yard. We heard a “kuck-kuck” of a bird. It was my hawk , the hawk that has been visiting my yard for years hoping to make a meal of some seed eating sparrow. I first saw it as a juvenile and on the second appearance I made a wonderful photograph. I watched the bird grow up and turn into an adept hunter graduating from a shy youngster quietly and patiently waiting for a wayward bird to emerge from the bushes to an aggressive hunter that chooses the bird and if need be chase it through the trees and brush. It was a comfortable warm time and the raptor was heard long before seen, finally spotted in the big oak tree. Even here in Suburbia the ecosystem has great value. The small birds attracted by the seed I put out every morning also devour many insects and that prevents the fly and mosquito population from exploding which in turn keeps the spider population under control. That all makes me and my pet happy. All the small birds also attracts bigger birds that like to eat the small. That, in turn keeps the small bird population under control.

Today like all the others, the system was at work but events were like I had not seen before. The usually stealth hawk made its way to a nearby

Cooper's Hawk in the backyard

500mm, 400iso, 1/500sec handheld

pole and continued to call out. The small birds, out of character were sparse and silent. Usually they would all huddle in the bushes and make a racket like you would not believe. Clearly aware of me and my pet the hawk bounced from pole to pole then a couple of trees and finally a tall telephone pole making noise the entire time. It then flew straight toward me veering away just a few feet away with wings spread in beautiful form. It flew to a nearby tree, screeched and made way to another yard.

We all know that the hawk finally mature and comfortable enough, was just trying to protect its territory or a kill but just for today I am going to say that he was giving a tip of the hat to one of the family.


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  1. Been there. Have strength. Bless you both~

    July 20, 2013 at 6:44 am

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