The Great Journey in Photography

iOS7 and You

Wildlife HD Ver. 2.0 ios7 screenshot

I know there are a great many of you out there that use the Apple iPhone or iPad. Starting next week things are going to change dramatically for everyone using said devices with the release of the new operating system iOS7. In a nutshell iOS7 should be the pathway on which phones and tablets become full on computers with power and sophistication equal to most traditional desktop and laptop computers. One thing that is a for sure is that iOS7 is completely different. It is all about structure, a structure that visually pulls the user in and gives the feeling of being part of what is happening. The parallax effect you may have heard about is one example. The simple floating icons demonstrated in the previews only scratches the surface of what can be done with the effect. Transitions between applications and screens is all about scaling, either pulling you in or pushing you out of the view. Simply said, you are immersed in the operating system. There has been criticism levied toward iOS7 also, and it is not without warrant. There is a lot of white throughout the system and a lot of photography, in particular wildlife, looks much better against a dark back ground. This is in part due to extensive use of transparency and background blurring that gives kind of frosty effect. While those things are set in the Apple apps, developers have a lot of latitude for presenting colors and intensity of this look to create a more pleasing UI for photography. Some say the use of color is over the top. For some that is true but bright vibrant colors are the norm for almost everything short of cemeteries and funeral homes. It is not just for kids. Probably the most important feature of the new OS is that the essence of its structure is to be out-of-the-way. The content being displayed consumes your attention. There are no parlor tricks, you get what you get and it is really important the developers present the very best work possible because they are going to get undivided attention from the viewer.

To date about 1,300 of you have downloaded my iPad application and I am pleased to say that it has been tested and works fine with iOS7 as is but I am also doing a complete redesign to take advantage of and fit in better with, the new operating system. The photo today shows a snapshot of one of the working pages as a sneak peek into the new look. In the meantime, if you don’t already have your copy of Wildlife HD you can buy it for just  99 cents before the new version hits the market. WildlifeHD will have more photos, more original content, better camera functions, filters and lots, lots more. It is going to take a little more than a week to push this one out but hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.Wildlife HD


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