The Great Journey in Photography

One Still Shot

Juvenile Tern at Bolsa Chica

420mm f4.0 250iso 1/2500sec

Sure seems like it is easy to get off track. I know everyone has a busy life trying to get a million things done in time for only a hundred. It is easy to get side tracked, caught up in the minutia and distractions. Sometimes you just got to get back to basics, one bird photo and a little bit of info about photographing birds.  Today I present a lone juvenile Tern close up. This is right up at minimum focus distance. Minimum focus distance is one of those things you don’t hear about a lot with bird photography but it is also one of those things one should be working towards all the time. For bird photographers minimum focus distance should be a goal, a place you generally want to be. As close as possible.

As you can see this photo has an incredibly shallow depth of field illustrated by the pipe the bird is standing on. When you get this close to a bird I think it is a good idea to cut off the tail in many cases. If your goal is to show the body or some feature or action at the front of the bird it works well to let those tail feathers go right out of the frame. That way you have plenty of room to observe your rule of thirds and show that you are very close to the subject.

So there it is, a nice easy still photograph. Believe it or not I made at least 50 photographs of this scene trying slightly different things to get the one I wanted.


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