The Great Journey in Photography

Ready, Set….

Least Tern at Bolsa Chica_

300mm f5.0 100iso 1/1,000sec

Preparation is everything, everyone knows that. But there is also the saying about the “best laid plans” and prep for my upcoming Alaska Eagle trip has been no exception. After consulting with the expert and workshop leader my lens dilemma was not resolved. Best case I should want both a 600mm and my favorite 300 f2.8. Best case can’t happen in any practical sense this time around. Freight forwarding is not an option and while I could haul all the gear myself the trip would be rather uncomfortable and required checking some expensive gear with the airline. What I am going to do is bring my 300 and use my old Tamron 200-500mm for the longest shots. I’m told there will be plenty of opportunities for the 300 to shine. And for the Tammy, it has its limitations but it is sharp and has good color and contrast. It will be a bit of a gamble but I think I will pull things off just fine. The improved iso capabilities of the Nikon D800 body will allow the 200-500 to have good shutter speed at the slower apertures. The biggest downside is that there is absolutely no chance of using a teleconverter, best upside is an extremely close minimum focus distance at about 7 feet.

Rounding out the check list is 3 batteries for each camera body and about 100GB of memory. Still on the to do list is the last of the rain gear, a lens coat rain cover is in the works, waterproof boots and pants are in the closet and warm headgear is there too. The one last most important thing is yet to be done, and that is practice. Yup, I have to work in many days of practice before the trip. I need to be sharp but also muscles have to be in shape for all day shooting and hand holding the big 300 2.8.

Thanks for stopping by everyone. Next time we will look at the prep and packing for the trip in a little more depth.



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