The Great Journey in Photography

The Friendly Skies

the friendly skies

28mm f8.0 250iso 1/80sec

I did a fair amount of travel this week and one of the things I am really starting to take note of is how things differ so much between airports and airlines and that things are always changing. First thing I notice,with the increasing fees for checked baggage more people are trying to pack in tons of carry on luggage and a typical flight has a very large number of the carry on bags getting checked into the belly of the plane with the other luggage. Only slightly better than checking the gear in the first place. Seems to me that there is also a lot more security and scrutiny given to checked bags so maybe checking photography gear is not as big of a risk as it one was.

The idea of carry 40lbs of photo gear on your body through security does not have the same appeal as it used to have either. You can plan on removing all that stuff at least once on your journey to the gate. Clever ways of moving photography gear from point A to B are now at a premium and by premium I mean paying extra money to the airlines. I believe every carrier has an upgrade scheme in place that can give the paying traveler an additional level of comfort or convenience. Choose wisely and you can do yourself a huge favor for not a lot of money. Speaking of “not a lot of money”, the last four flights I booked I shopped extensively and the last four flight I booked were through the airline direct. In one case I saved more than $470 (about half price) on the fare over the travel sites. Using the carrier offered mobile applications also makes travel a lot less stressful too. At SFO a couple of days ago we had a last-minute gate change and the airline had a notification out to me at the same time the agents knew of the change.

Just a few thoughts gang, not really on topic but it does have a lot to do with me (and you hopefully) getting out to the places we need to be to get those great shots.

Thanks for stopping by and we will do it all again next week.


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