The Great Journey in Photography

Ready Set…. 2

American Wigeon

500mm f8.0 250iso 1/640sec

The week before last I ran down the lens choice and a couple of other things to take to Alaska. One of the things that helped drive the decision to go with the Tamron was the Nikon D800 Digital body. At 36 mega-pixels the D800 has a lot to offer with the big files and incredible low light performance and in theory should work very well with the slow Tamron 500mm lens. I should be able to crop away and or compensate for any vignettes and boost sensitivity enough to keep the shutter speed high enough for the slow f6.3 aperture at 500mm.. I am renting the D800 though because I just could not bring myself to buy last Summer, and that is because of  the one huge limitation, shutter speed. The D800 is just too slow to be a well-rounded camera body that I can use day in and out. I want to wait for something better to come along. For special uses like huge portraits and close low light situations the D800 will shine I am sure and that is what it will be used for.

The other really big item to prep is weather protection. This morning the place where I am going to be is 37 degrees with rain forecast for the next 5 days. For a Southern California boy that is simply brutal. Preparing to handle the elements is probably the biggest challenge of the entire adventure. Lenscoat makes wet weather protection  at reasonable prices and there is also the bit pricier Aquatech. I already use lenscoat covers so I am going with their pro series camera and lens cover. I am sure it will work just fine. My body is another story. I didn’t know what to buy, I know I don’t have what I need sitting in the closet short of some thermal underwear and hiking boots. I turned to Amazon for two reasons. First, a lot of the clothing I need is hard to find in retail stores in Southern California, and if you can find it, overpriced. Second, there are reviews to guide me towards the higher quality products. To my surprise cold weather clothes are more affordable than I thought. Boots, pants, gloves, headgear and a nice supply of warmers came in at less than $300. Less than what I budgeted. Making my buys during the hottest days of Summer helped too, I am sure.


Thanks for stopping by everyone. Stop by next week for another fun installment of Diary of a Birdshooter.


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