The Great Journey in Photography

Pin It Down

Brown Pelican Art-7

420mm f4.5 250iso 1/3,200sec

Recently I wrote about how I thought things had calmed down dramatically in the photography world and I kind of had a couple more thoughts since then. I am thinking that maybe people and images are “finding their place” in the grand scheme of things. By that I am talking about the explosion of places like Instagram and Pinterest. Could it be that these services serve the needs of a great number of people and fulfill their desires to be involved in the photography world? Could it be that a lot of people are satisfied with just that? First, lets look at why  places like Instagram and Pinterest are successful in the first place. To do that we need look at the principles of propaganda (read advertising). If you look up the term “principles of propaganda” you will find thousands of pages about Nazi Germany or politically slanted interpretation of the concept. Most of that stuff is not relevant to our conversation and you will have to dig deep to find facts. Here is what we need to know.

1) Bandwagon. Yes, everyone is doing it and so should you.
2) Star Power. Celebs are posting pictures especially selfies, and you should be hanging withe the cool kids.
3) Family Fun and Feeling Good. Lets bring everyone together and keep them connected sharing the emotional ups and downs.
4) Put Downs and Name Calling. It is so easy to criticize and make fun of some one else’s work. Generally we post anonymously or far from the others location, so why not, I feel better knowing that another is just as bad as my self.

That is just a few of the principles but it covers a broad area and boy they have those things covered wouldn’t you agree? The central question is though, what does all this have to do with bird photography? I started digging in to Pinterest thinking I would find a lot of  bird photos make with cell phones and other low-end devices, but was pleasantly surprised to see there were plenty of very good photographs there. In fact I signed up and am having a lot of fun searching and creating boards. Those principals work just fine and Pinterest is a hot property and a good place for a bird photographer to be. Will a service like Pinterest convert your photos into dollars? Doubtful. It is obvious that bird photography is just a small niche just like everywhere else.

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