The Great Journey in Photography

Build It and They Will Come

Backyard Sparrow

420mm f4 320iso 1/400sec

I sit down at the computer this morning and wonder what in heavens can I write about this week. More than 200 posts about birds should cover pretty much everything wouldn’t you agree? Yet, I feel the need to bring more to the game. I am pretty lucky in that where I write these little blog posts is next to a door that opens out to the wonders of my back yard. I have an office area dedicated to production work on the other side of the house. It has wonderful views of stucco and street, not the sort of place the supports a love for nature and birds. Over the years I have read posts from Moose Peterson about being in his office in the dead of winter and the wilderness’ creatures would stop by for a visit. He would grab a long lens and make an amazing snap of whatever nature brought him. I liken myself to Moose just without the wilderness and only half the brains.

Years ago I started putting out a cup of bird seed every morning, it didn’t take long for birds to be attracted to it but it did take a while to attract the less seen and larger birds. It was even longer for the birds to feel completely safe with me so near by. Sometimes I get distracted, I always have a camera at the ready, for the hour-long free for all. Last winter I added another hummingbird feeder and after a couple of months moved it a short distance to right next to the door frame. This morning for the first time I was buzzed by a West Coast Anna’s while sitting at the desk. Way to close to make a photograph, I savored the moment. The cool thing about birds is they don’t discriminate or show preference (except for their food). It’s a nice way to start the day.


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