The Great Journey in Photography

Much To Do About Nothing

Eagle coming over the top

420mm f6.3 640iso 1/1,250sec

Hi all. First a quick follow-up to a post I made a few weeks ago “Eagle Eye“. Yesterday bird posted a great audio piece about bird vision. It is well worth listening . Catch the link here.

Sometimes people spend a lot of time and energy fighting a losing battle against things that are just not that big of a deal. There is a heated debate starting that has both sides of one side arguing and I am starting to thinks there will be no winners anywhere. I am talking about the rush to develop wind energy and the effect it is having on the bird population. Of course this is all a result of global warming hysteria. Well ahead of the game I reported about Golden Eagle deaths in a post back in 2011 Caught in the Middle. As it turns out the free pass for wind energy goes far beyond the Riverside County Board of Supervisors. All the way up to the EPA waivers are being granted to bypass restrictions and considerations for wildlife and in particular  leading to the deaths of Eagles in California and Wyoming. All done in the course of saving our planet!

I was never one who climbed on to the global warming band wagon. I find some things very hard to reconcile. Let’s consider history. It has never been the case before and there is no reason to believe currently that anyone or anything can or has been able to predict more than a hundred years into the future. History says we can not see hundreds of years into the future. Consider the source, that is an ages old cliché that stands its ground because it is valid. We always consider the source in decision making so lets consider the source in the global warming debate. I see politicians, celebrities, and billionaires. Actors and actresses are paid large amounts of money to play a role, to literally be someone other than who they are. Do a little digging and you may very well find that the big money folks all have financial investments riding the wave. Politicians, really, their lips are moving! Right!
There is also the sell. Why is there such a big effort to sell the cause? Step back and look at the effort to get the public on board with the global warming bandwagon and you will see the principles of propaganda being used. Yeah those little concepts used successfully in Nazi Germany, those ones that we were once told to be repulsed by. I could go on for a while but I will just leave it at that. Color me dubious.

Putting all that aside there is still yet another argument to be made. Birds are pretty intelligent, it may not seem that way to the casual watcher but when you take into account that birds only consider three things their entire lives, food, shelter (safety), and procreation. That’s it. So their scope of thought is very limited but in that scope they tend to e very successful. I watch birds every day and I can say they have remarkable ability to protect themselves. There is no doubt that birds are being killed today by wind turbines and that is a tragedy. I do believe however that given some time they will adapt and survive in changing environments. There may however be unintended consequences, things that no-one ever considered or can see. Maybe a disruption in the food chain maybe caused by some ultrasonic vibrations emitted by hundreds of spinning turbines? I’m just saying. What do they say-“you never hear the bullet that gets you”.


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  1. I stumbled upon your blog today, I must comment on your work, your photos are beautiful!

    April 12, 2014 at 9:53 am

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