The Great Journey in Photography


Scrub Jay

420mm f4 500iso 1/125sec

According to a study by the Wildlife Society Bulletin Comparing bird and bat fatality-rate estimates among North American wind-energy projects, the Obama administration seriously underestimated the number of birds killed by wind farms. More than 30% not including bats. My first thought is that the agency responsible did not miss the estimate, they lied about it to make themselves look better. A few years ago that would be considered crazy talk but today anyone who dismiss the notion out of hand is simply caught in a rundown between bases. So who cares anyhow? Even I had a relatively casual attitude about the wind farm issue poking fun at the liberal conundrum, but numbers ware piling up and there is increasing cause for concern. You may be wondering if there are many wind farms? There are 120 “Large” wind farms currently in the US with another 20 coming soon, actually a whole bunch more because a few months ago the Obama administration adopted the EPA recommendation and approved what is known as the “30 year kill rule”. According to The Washington Post:

Under federal law, it is illegal to “take” protected species unless one obtains an “incidental take permit” from the federal government.  The Interior Department rule, finalized in December, extends the maximum time period for which such permits can be granted from 5 to 30 years.  ABC (American Bird Conservancy) calls the regulation the “FWS 30-year Eagle Kill Rule.”

In fact the kill rule benefits all industry not just the green energy industry. In case you were under the impression that these large wind farms were funded and operated by local green energy companies and enthusiasts you might want to think again, while there is no doubt plenty of businesses struggling to harness and market the powers of wind energy, large companies like General Electric and Siemens are running the show. From the rumblings I have heard General Electric is also building Natural Gas fired power facilities on the wind sites along with the turbines. Facilities that may not get approval on their own and for sure would have to go through a lengthy red tape process.

You can call me crazy all day long but I suspect there is gambling going on in that bar. If it only was gambling it would be cool but I don’t put it past any government agency or large corporation to collude and break the law for financial gain and things are starting to stink of that. Also I would like to point out that all this is about the Eagles and other “protected” birds but the actual kill count does not discriminate and there are many other species of bird that are killed and injured. I recommend to everyone, take a look for yourself and form an opinion as it really becomes a complicated issue. The only thing I guarantee is that the more eyeballs on the issue the better off we all are.

Thanks for reading. I hope I gave you all something to think about and until next time you can follow me on Twitter here.


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  1. wonderful shot and great post !

    May 9, 2014 at 9:53 am

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