The Great Journey in Photography

If it Doesn’t Work for You, It Doesn’t Work!

Ducks on the water

300mm f2.8 200iso 1/200sec

It has been one of those black cloud weeks, seems like everything I have done turns to crap yet when I approach the end of the week and take stock of my accomplishments it really isn’t that bad. I did crash every time I took to flight but in the end all the repairs were made for little more than pocket change. I started and made good progress on two projects that have been lingering way too long. Here in Southern California we have finally settled into the normal weather pattern for May. With one day left to go the “May Gray” has crept into the picture this week. A heavy overcast the comes in off the ocean and usually burns off in early afternoon May Gray will soon give way to “June Gloom”. It works great for close bird photography, but even in that it seemed as though I was always a stop short of where I needed to be. Most images were only “kinda” sharp, not the tack sharp I am always looking for. Hundreds of  “kinda” images wear very thin on me and that means means Yup, I got my gripe on in a big way.

First, slightly off topic, let me say Home Depot Hardware, you suck. When two-thirds of the items I need are not available at my local store but you graciously tell me that you can deliver to the store at no additional cost in 10 DAYS! You suck. They are common items, things that I can drive to Lowe’s on the other side of town and almost always pick up. This is not just a gripe week occurrence either, I have been experiencing this for many months since I have made a concerted effort to source items as close to my front door as possible. I actually do better at Wal-Mart right across the street. Seriously, Home Depot, you need some self-improvement.

Back to photography, there are two little bits of software I need to gripe about also. First, Nik software. I was in love with Color Effects Pro 3.0, it was the only plug-in that I used a lot. Tonal Contrast was my favorite feature and it was changed dramatically for the worse in all subsequent versions. When I switched to Photoshop CC it did not support Color Effects 3.0 and Tonal Contrast was lost, I tried the latest Nik versions and it was horrible. Not only was the Tonal Contrast junk but the whole plug-in clogged up my machines and ruined the entire Photoshop experience by slowing everything down. The next plug-in to get criticized is the onOne pixel perfect 8.0. I will moderate my gripping about this because I remember when the Suite of onOne software was $2400.00 and they are now giving it away. It’s a little cheesy that they give away one version just a few days before releasing the new one but that is really nothing to gripe about. It may be because I have used Photoshop every single day for more than a decade but I see no value in the plug-in. onOne has always been a huge memory hog and I find it actually is faster to make the adjustments in Photoshop. I have done several side by side comparisons and I usually prefer the Photoshop version. I just don’t see any value in buying something that I already have.

Ok, to review, Home Depot, put more stuff in your stores, Nik “by Google” you had your New Coke moment but you are not Coke or Colonel Sanders go back to the old recipe, BTW Google with the self driving car, you may learn someday that you don’t have to be at fault to be at fault. Your self driving car is so ugly pelting it with eggs is an improvement! onOne, butter luck next time.

Ahhhh. I feel better now. Good thing the week is almost over. If you have a gripe, look below and start typing.



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