The Great Journey in Photography

Perspective++ Now Available


New name, new look, new features, Get it Straight for iPhone & iPad has now become Perspective++ for iPhone, iPad, and Silicon chip Macs. The new user interface has many more touch (or mouse, stylist) interactions than before. In most cases simple swipes up, down, right, or left are all that is needed to make adjustments. Only one of the awkward sliders remains in the app. Sliders work great but need to be displayed and that tends to either hide portions of the image being edited or makes that image smaller. Hand gestures like swipes allow for full screen presentation of images.

The new Perspective++ also has a great new “Fisheye” feature that is far more than jus a fisheye lens effect. This effect is entirely user defined.  Users are able to select the location of the effect as well as the size and intensity, all done with hand gestures. With that level of control edits can be be made ranging from the classic fisheye lens effect, to giving greater emphasis certain areas of the image, to creating crazy art effects.

There are other improvements throughout the application like a library of recent edits and support for multi-tasking on all iPads. There is more than that too, but rather than listing every single item I would greatly prefer that folks simply try out the new app by downloading or upgrading.

You can get your very own copy of Perspective++ at the link below and please keep in mind it costs less than a cup of coffee.


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