The Great Journey in Photography

Nature & Wildlife Pictures 4.0 Public Beta

I have never published a public beta for this application before. That is mostly because it is a free download with in-app purchases. Beta’s don’t change that, it just means you get a chance to try out the latest version sooner. This beta version has a couple of cool new features that I want people to have the chance to try out.

First, there are new Widgets. The N&WP app has three sizes available, the one pictured above is the large. Each of the widgets has an image background (small is blurred) with the current day of the month and local Sunrise/Sunset times displayed. There is a different background image for every day of the week. For those who are not familiar with Widgets, they are informational blocks that are located on your iPad or iPhone home screens. With the phone users can move widgets to any place within the home screens and on the iPad they stay at the left side Today view area. To calculate the sunrise and set times users will need to allow location tracking “Always”.

Second, there are new watch faces available to Apple Watch owners. In the past I have made images available that can be saved and used to create watch photo faces but now selecting a face will load a working Apple Watch Face right on to your device. No fuss no muss.

Here is the link to the public beta every one is invited to try it out on your own iPhone or iPad running iOS 14.

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