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Pride Sticker Added to Seattle Stickies


Language and how we communicate has changed a lot the past couple of years and we are encountering new forms of communication that eliminate language and geographic barriers. Using stickers and emoji when texting and using other forms of messaging can eliminate entire paragraphs of written word and since they are visual and can also be interpreted by anyone with out the limitations of language or education. Applications like Seattle Stickies and Birds for Words are, I believe, first steps to creating comprehensive, universal form of communication.

Version 1.2.0 of Seattle Stickies was released today and it includes the new Pride sticker. This new sticker goes beyond the bounds of being a Seattle centric application and I think it deserves a few words. First and foremost I want Seattle Stickies to be successful. I did not put the work into it so it could fail and yes people no matter what you may believe, a lot of work is involved with developing and marketing an application. In addition to that, I want my applications to be inclusive and in this case adding the Pride sticker is the right move. Following the basic philosophy of what I think Stickers should be, not including a pride sticker would tend to be exclusive.

I also want to point out that Seattle Stickies is not a progressive application and I have no intention for it to become one. If you look carefully notice that a “9/11 Memorial” and “No Tax” stickers are still part of the pack.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Download a copy of Seattle Stickies at the link below.



Evolving Augmented Reality Experience

Born from the desire to make better screenshots all the photography applications will get an enhanced AR experience on the next round of updates. The trio of apps will soon be able to save and share a snapshot of the augmented reality experience and return to viewing artwork in AR on the same screen. Users will be able to save the snapshot to Photos, other storage services, and social media. Now users can see what their own artwork looks like mounted on a wall and easily get an opinion from others.

Also included in this update will be a larger range of image sizes with a maximum of 1 meter (about 36″) sized artwork. Planned for an update later this Summer the apps will also have the capability to free stand on table and counter tops.

You can download all of the apps at the links below.

Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40  Canvas Art

Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40  Get it Straight

Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40  Wildlife & Nature Pictures – Free Download

Seattle Head Tax Stickers


One of the hot issues in Western Washington is the new Seattle Head tax to fund homeless relief. Seattle Stickies the Apple iMessages Sticker application for iPhone and iPad has four new stickers that lets users show their opinion when texting or sending a message. Stick it and send it so those in power know how you feel.

If you are not aware of what a Stickers App is here is a great explanation from

Apple has made it possible for you to make your messages a lot more interesting with the help of apps and stickers in iMessages. You can use stickers as stand-alone images, or slap them right on top of someone else’s chat bubble (or sticker, or picture). Apps integrate information so you can, say, book a table at a restaurant or share movie times with others. Your friends can also change dates and times in some instances so everyone can collaborate together.

Download a copy of Seattle Stickies at the link below.


Seattle Stickies Updated


Today version 1.0.4 of Seattle Stickies was released. This release adds three new stickers to the collection bringing the total to twenty-two stickers. Seattle Stickies is a collection of  Messages stickers celebrating the landmarks and culture of Seattle and the greater Puget Sound.

Seattle Stickie stickers are made in the distinctive canvas art style. With twenty-two stickers to choose Stickies owners have sporting stickers, Mt Rainer, Seattle Ferries, 9/11 Memorial, hand blown glass, local eateries, wildlife, and other landmarks.

For everyone who is not familiar with Messages Stickers here is the explanation directly from Wikipedia.

A sticker is a detailed illustration of a character that represents an emotion or action that is a mix of cartoons and Japanese smiley-like “emojis“. They have more variety than emoticons and have a basis from internet “reaction face” culture due to their ability to portray body language with a facial reaction. Stickers are elaborate, character-driven emoticons and give people a lightweight means to communicate through kooky animations.

Stickers are commonly downloadable for free, while online stores provide wider alternatives for a price. Sets may be devoted to specific themes, characters, as well as popular brands and media franchises such as Hello Kitty, Psy, and the Minions of Despicable Me.

Note: Seattle Stickies has a description in the app store stating it is free. While it was free for a period of time it is currently sold for 0.99usd. This error will be corrected at the next update.

You can download a copy of Seattle Stickies at the link below.


Augmented Reality Brings New Dimension to Photography Apps

Seattle,WA – April 3, 2018 – Ron Boyd Design today announced new augmented reality features in three of his photography related applications. With the introduction of Apple’s version 11.3 mobile operating system comes the ability to virtually place objects on vertical surfaces like walls. The new technology allows users to view art and photographs in a variety of sizes and frames mounted on their own walls before going to the great expense of printing and purchasing products. With the Wildlife and Nature Pictures application owners that are considering a purchase of a digital download of an image can preview what the image looks like as a framed print in their own home or office. Image editors Get It Straight and Canvas Art allow users to see their own masterpieces with AR. When viewing images with AR, users have the option of three frame styles, light colored oak, cherry wood, or dark walnut, with the choice of no frame, thin, regular, and thick frame styles. Users can also choose from five different overall picture sizes to get an accurate feel for what large prints would look like mounted on a wall.

You can download a copy of  the apps at the link below.


Augmented Reality Coming to Photography Apps


Coming soon to the iPhone and iPad augmented reality becomes more powerful and will bring a new dimension to the three photography related applications I sell. Specifically, the next version of the iOS operating system, version 11.3, will include vertical plane detection in it’s ARKit framework. What that means for all you non-nerd folks is that your phone or tablet will soon be able to detect walls and place objects on them like paintings and pictures.

For the free Nature & Wildlife Pictures app, users will be able to use AR to preview the for sale images in a variety of frames and sizes in their own homes, on their own walls before making any purchase. Get it Straight and Canvas Art users will be able to use their edited images to mount in a variety of frames and sizes so they can see what their completed art looks like on the wall before going through the time and expense of printing the image.

Augmented Reality was first introduced to the iPhone and iPad in September of last year. At that time horizontal plane detection was fully functional and placing  virtual objects on floors, table tops, and counters was all the rage. I have been testing the vertical experience since it has been available and I can say it works quite well and as soon as the feature is available to the public new versions of my apps will be released. I am anticipating this to be in about 4-6 weeks.

You can download the Nature & Wildlife app or Get it Straight app today.


10 Great Things The New iPad Will Do For You


300mm f5.5 200iso 1/500sec

As I wait for my new iPad to be delivered, I fondly remember all the great things my original iPad has done for me. I am anxious, believe it or not my new iPad has been sitting in a warehouse only a couple of miles from me for over a week now. I didn’t buy an iPad 2 and some of the things about the new one are true for the 2 but I think the radical improvement will be just like starting a new. So let’s go.

1) Retina Display. People can explain and argue about what is really a retina display till the cows come home, and that is all fine but it really does not matter. What really counts is how good the new display looks. Judging from what I see on the iPhone and the history of excellence Apple has, this will be the most stunning display in the history of computing. It might not be much a couple of years from now but for today it will be the window to reality, everyone will be talking about the display. It will bring your images to life in a new way, they will now have all the color and crispness they deserve. At 2048x 1536 pixel resolution, you will want to show only your best work as flaws and heavy cropping will also become that much more noticeable.

2) New Cameras. 5 Mega pixel stills and 1080p video are an upgrade to the new iPad and bring the cameras up to an almost pro level, certainly to a point that the images can be used as part of a professional project. We all have lenses and DSLR’s for the most part and can do pretty much all we need, but imagine how easy it will be to grab an iPad and make a wide-angle shot or a quick 38 second video without having to swap out lenses. It’s going to be a lot easier.

3) Apps. iOs5 and the new iPad are ushering in a new class of touch based photo editing applications. iPhoto, Snapseed, and Photoshop Touch to name a few, all give the kind of editing power of their big brothers but allow the user to live within the iOS ecosphere. Pretty cool not having to hand off images between computers so much any more. There are other apps too. Want an education? Head over to iTunes U, one of my favorites is still iBird Pro which has evolved into a stunning iPad application that is informative beyond description. If you are in North America it is really a must have.

4) Mobility. It was not all that long ago that devices like the iPad were nothing but science fiction. With LTE the new iPad is functional pretty much anywhere. It just works! Need I say more.

5) Publishing and Sharing. Twitter integration, Facebook, Google+ and a whole plethora of social apps work almost seamlessly on the iPad. If you can’t get your word out now there is no technical excuse for it. Probably the biggest part of the iOS 5 ecosystem is the new iBooks platform for the iPad. iBook author (a Mac OS application) allows any would be author to put together a stunning multi media book and even sell it if wished. One thing that some people may not know about is iBooks don’t have to be published in the store, you can install you own books on individual devices making sharing among family and friends easy.

6) Portfolio. I actually think that a traditional print portfolio is still the best way to show your work. Two reasons for that, you don’t crop for a screen size and high quality printing is still the best resolution to display images. That said, a retina display iPad is the best digital solution for a portfolio. I have tried a few portfolio apps and quite frankly a lot of them are horrible, so be wary. In the end I landed on the Smug Mug app. You have to be a subscriber to the service but he app is free. It is a high quality, always working, no-nonsense way to display your pictures.

7) Connectivity. The new iPad is available in 4G LTE for both AT&T and Verizon. PC World shows both AT&T and Verizon are averaging about 25Mb speeds with peaks as high as 40 Mb. Even with lesser quality connections 4G transfer rates are equal to or better than most home internet service. With reasonably priced data plans and hot spot tethering the new iPad becomes as useful as a laptop in most situations. Not just for scanning the internet it now becomes a go to device in the field for both consumption and creation.

8) Presentation. The iPad can now connect to televisions, projectors, and other computers both wired and wireless giving the user the ability to do a presentation in almost any setting. Keynote and soon PowerPoint software will allow one to display high-resolution images and 1080p video and now recent iOS upgrades allow mirroring which lets the presentor see exactly what is being displayed on the big screen.

9) Multimedia. For years I have heard about how video is going to consume the still image experience and have not really seen it materialize, but I think that time has come being led by the iPad and iOS operating system. Not just video either but rather a true multimedia. I am talking about graphics, quality audio, voice over, and interactivity too. These are all things that we all want and will have to do. With iPhoto, iBooks, iMovie, Garageband, and a bunch of third-party applications he new iPad is going to be incredibly useful for both consuming and creating that content.

10) Storage. I really don’t recommend doing it but with a camera connection kit you can download images directly from your DSLR, edit, share and store them all on an iPad. I think there are much better solutions but with the larger capacity devices you can store a lot of photos. I see the iPad as a far more valuable device in its ability to interface with cloud storage solutions. Mobile Me Gallery actually worked pretty well but that is going away in favor of iCloud. iCloud is a confusing mess right now and I won’t use it, but other image storage cloud services like Dropbox and Smug Mug work great with the iPad. Beautiful crisp resolution and the ability to selectively download pictures for local storage are two features I really like.

So there are 10 reasons why I am anxiously awaiting my new iPad. How do I know it is going to be so good before I have even seen one? Somethings you just know!

*Update-Yup after my first day with the new iPad, it is everything I thought it would be!

Full disclosure–I am a shareholder of Apple Inc. and that has me feeling pretty good right now.
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