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Seattle Stickies Celebrates Seattle Storm Championship


Seattle Stickies for iMessage version 1.2.3 was released today with new sticker celebrating the WNBA team Seattle Storm’s third championship this week. The update also includes translation for German and compatibility for Apple’s latest operating system iOS 12. Seattle Stickies for iMessage is available to all iPhone and iPad users.

You can download a copy of Seattle Stickies at the link below.




Cruising With Seattle Stickies


Seattle Stickies stickers for iMessage Version 1.2.2 was released today with support for French and Italian languages and the addition of three new cruise ship themed stickers. Three of the cruise lines sailing from Seattle to Alaska are featured in this update to the sticker pack with Holland America, Norwegian, and Princess ships presented as canvas art stickers. If you are taking a cruise to Alaska or just like cruise ships, owners of the Seattle Stickies sticker pack can now show their support for their favorite ships.

If you are not aware of what a Stickers App is here is a great explanation from

Apple has made it possible for you to make your messages a lot more interesting with the help of apps and stickers in iMessages. You can use stickers as stand-alone images, or slap them right on top of someone else’s chat bubble (or sticker, or picture). Apps integrate information so you can, say, book a table at a restaurant or share movie times with others. Your friends can also change dates and times in some instances so everyone can collaborate together.

You can pick up you very own copy of Seattle Stickies at the link below. It truly costs less than a cup of coffee and has no up-sells and no ads.



Canvas Art-Swipe for Transparency


Just a quick tip about using the latest version of Canvas Art. One of the things that changed in this version is the way that the transparency (alpha) of the edges of the image is adjusted. The edge is what you see in the image above. It creates the charcoal sketch look and always starts out as black but users can adjust the transparency of this effect all the way to the point of making it invisible. In the past, a vertical slider appeared on the right side of the screen. In the 1.1.0 update that slider has been removed but you can still make the same adjustment by swiping up and down. The first few times the app is used with this update an animation indicating swiping is available appears when editing. After that I don’t think it is needed and does not appear anymore. I actually hope no one needs to read this post to figure out how to use the app but just in case, here it is. Just remember that swiping up and down is available.

You can download your very own copy of the app at the link below. It truly does cost less than a cup of coffee and does not have any up-sells or ads.



Canvas Art Moving Forward


As sales of the art creation app Canvas Art climb version 1.1.0 was released this morning. The update includes improvements and bug fixes when editing very large images but far more important this new version brings in support for some foreign languages. Many applications are created in English only because it is the default language and the majority of sales come from english speaking regions. However, foreign users should not be ignored. So today I am kicking off with support for Spanish, French, and Italian languages and support for many more in the coming months.

Canvas Art is an iOS application that allows users to create art ranging from a sketch or line art style, water-color type look to a crisp canvas painting with just a couple of easy steps. Canvas Art is both a standalone application that allows camera use, importing, and exporting images from and to numerous sources and is also a Photos Editing Extension for the native Apple Photos application. Users are able to choose a canvas, tan, white, or gray, and set the intensity of fill color on the canvas with looks ranging from washed out to photo like. After that the special charcoal outline effect is added and users have a wide range of intensities to work from. The finished product looks like canvas painting or charcoal sketch.

You can learn more and download your own copy of Canvas Art at the link below. It truly costs less than a cup of coffee with no up-sell and no ads.




Free Hi-Res Wildlife Images


Just a quick little reminder that the Wildlife & Nature Pictures application that I have for iPad and iPhone contains 46 free full resolution images available for download and personal use. The application is a free download too. Counting it all up that means that there are 46 nature and wildlife images at no cost to you! When last I checked, that is less than a cup of coffee.

For real.

Wildlife & Nature Pictures is available world-wide in the Apple App store and is translated to Spanish with more languages coming soon.

You can download your free copy today at the link below or search for app id #595565558 outside the US.



Seattle Stickies Free for Pride Parade


Seattle Stickies which includes the Pride sticker is free for the day of the Seattle Pride Parade on June 24 2018. Get it on the day of the parade for free and forever.


The Name Game

Similar to Wood Duck  at the Loon Lagoon San Diego

300mm f3.5 200iso 1/80sec

A large number of my views on the blog here every week come from Google Image search. This would not be possible if I were not naming my pictures correctly. For anyone looking to increase views of their images online there are a couple of things you want to do to make your photos easier to find and most attractive to the viewer.  First thing is to name your pictures. I have a habit of coming up with catchy little double entendre names for things and that is not at all useful here. Make the name of your image descriptive, that way when Google or other search engines encounter it they will know how to categorize it. We have all looked in Google images for something, they did not get there because they were named “DSC223454”. What they all have in common is that somewhere along the line a name and description was embedded in the metadata. Imagine if one of your images was one of the first five or so pictures you see in a typical Google search page. That picture will get a lot of views guaranteed.

In WordPress it is really easy to name and describe your photos. When you upload an image you get the text, alternate text, description, and caption fields to fill out in the dialog box. I am sure many just leave them blank but it is important to fill them  all out. One thing I do often is copy and paste the name and description on all the lines. It is fast, easy and covers all the search criteria. The actual metadata of the photo is useful too so be sure that you are naming images upon input to your image software and if needed rename more descriptive on output. Typically I will name my import images with “Location, Month, Year, Image#” so it would look something like this “LaJollaCove2-12-154”. Then I make sure it has the keywords I want (often I will add and delete keywords as I sort through the images).

Also, remember to be truthful. Don’t name something you know is wrong or even are not sure of. It may seem like a cool gag at the time but misnaming/categorizing photos can last a long time and is super annoying to someone who is serious about their search. One other thing, slightly off topic, is to start increasing output resolution. With hi-res tablets, phone, and laptops becoming more common display quality is rapidly approaching print quality and 72 ppi just does not cut it anymore. Be part of the hi-res revolution and be sure you are doing justice for your work. If you are worried about some one “stealing” your picture and doing financial harm to you, congratulations, you are one of the elite few who really needs to worry about such things! Hire a lawyer. For the rest of us just be pleased that we can now show the world our photos in the best light possible.

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