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Nature & Wildlife Wallpapers

Nature & Wildlife Wallpapers

It is a little bit of preaching to the choir but today I wanted to mention the update to one of my iPad apps that was released this week and give thanks for the response it has had. Nature & Wildlife Wallpapers is an iOS application that went through a complete make over in that it has become just what it says it is, some nice photos included in the price of the app. The previous versions followed a model that called for packing as much features as possible, most of which only do an average job. Just like the operating system the app runs on NWW has gone through a thorough cleaning eliminating all the fluff and drilling down to do just one thing. The number of photos included in the app has been increased from 9 to 51 and all those images are full resolution and downloadable for users to use at their leisure as long as it is for personal use. It is a bit of preaching to the choir in that I presume that most of you readers are photographers in your own right and thus already have your own images, but I do think it is relevant in that this is really a way to sell our images and I bet a bunch of you would like to do just that right about now. Am I right?

In addition to making the images developing and marketing a mobile application requires a tremendous amount of skill and dedication and hiring some one to do it for you can be expensive but places like the Apple App Store are far-reaching and NWW is being seen by a lot of people who otherwise never could know about it. There is flexibility in the store too because in addition to the purchase price I can also attach a premium to certain images and users can purchase images based on size and usage as need be. If you are spending all kinds of money at a place like Smug Mug and noticing that they make no effort to reach out on your behalf you may consider putting some images out in the form of an application.

In the few days that the NWW update has been available I have had the best response of any application I have had to date. Thanks to everyone who bought or updated the app this week and to anyone who may be on the fence about buying I can tell you that the price is an introduction, in the coming weeks pricing will change and many of the images will no longer be available for free. Stay tuned in the coming months as I keep everyone up to date and show just how well Nature & Wildlife Wallpapers performs and adapts to the market.

Thanks again everyone. Learn more about NWW below.



sandhill crane in the menagerie

300mm f5.6 250iso 1/3200sec

You know how sometimes you get caught up doing a bunch of things and something gets forgotten about or left behind. Call that falling through the cracks. A lot of things can fall through the cracks in bird photography not the least of which are images. We have to make hundreds maybe thousands of images to get a really good one that is just a fact of life. Think about how impossible it is to give each and every image a good look. The last couple of days I have ignored some of the things I have to do, you know that endless stream of things that must be done, at a certain expense, money not made and that sort of thing, before my head exploded, and sifted through several thousand images I had made the last several months. I had already looked at these images a couple of times but I could not bring myself to deleting them because I knew in my heart that thee was some value there, hidden gems, backgrounds, stock, etc. I really like doing this because we are always trying out new software and editing techniques and I am always looking for an image for practice.

I had been thinking about something Moose Peterson said about photographing wildlife composed small in the scene. He said it is harder and more impact-full when done well. Scrolling through images I found a series of photos I had completely forgot. A single Crane flying through a menagerie of golden swirling clouds. Pretty cool I think and very little processing involved.

Hey everyone, I have to plug my latest iPad application Wildlife HD. If you have an iPad and want to see some great photographs, learn, and make great photos I recommend you give it a try. Available in the App Store for $1.99 today.

Thanks for stopping by. See you next week.Wildlife HD

Shameless Self Promotion-A Little Bit More

Great Blue Heron in flight at Sunset

420mm f8.0 200iso 1/640sec

There is an elementary school in my neighborhood that I walk by several times a week and their mascot is a hawk. I have known this for years because it says “home of the hawks” on their welcome sign. The other day I was walking by and noticed a brand new mural on the side of a building. It was a hawk but it was a reproduction of the Seattle Seahawks football team logo. I doubt the team or the NFL granted the school permission to use the logo and there is no such bird as a sea hawk. The Osprey is often refereed to as a Seahawk but, it already has a name. I wanted to bang my head against the wall. I have hundreds of hawk images, just look at the top of this page. That school should have and probably would have used the artwork of a local resident (whose tax money helps support the school) in favor of another organization’s logo had they known such art was available. No one on the internet reached out to that school. It was a missed opportunity for me. Had I been proactive and contacted that elementary school years ago I would have had a decent shot at having my hawk artwork on the side of that building and probably get paid well for it too.

That is an excellent starting place for shameless self promotion. Traditional marketing still works pretty well believe it or not, a phone call or hard media has more value than an e-mail. However, digital communication is priceless for follow-up. The best place to start is also in your own neighborhood and that is how the saying “own your zip code” started. There is the old cliché that giving your photos to local restaurants will work wonders. Not so much with wildlife images, but you should look at school districts, doctor offices and other medical care facilities. Bird photos often have a calming effect and medical professionals like that. Here is a pro tip: there are interior design firms that do nothing but medical facilities and the buy a lot of high-end art and photographs.

A couple  more bits related to last weeks post that concentrated on the internet, I mentioned that tagging was very important. On some platforms it is keyword, others call it tags or hashes but what ever it is called you need to use them. Make sure you are using relevant and precise terms. Often people use inappropriate or controversial keys in order to get a lot of views. That works to a certain extent but it is really not the way you need to get views because they probably won’t come back, and if you are dishing up out-of-bounds search terms you will get censored. Unless you run your own servers, you almost always have to agree to behave in a reasonable manner that is at the services discretion. Abuse it and you will wind up with fewer followers.
Also, I just started reading a new book named “Blogging for Photographers” by Jolie O’Dell. I am familiar with Jolie’s work so I don’t hesitate to recommend the book before having finished it. I direct you to her website which in turn directs you to her Amazon link. If you are inclined to buy the book please follow that path. I feel it is important to give back to authors when ever possible.

A little shameless promotion of my own, you can download the latest version of my iPad application from the iTunes store for just $1.99 US. That will lock you in for all future updates and I can tell you the iOS7 update in the Fall is going to be huge with new content improved camera and filters, and tons of new content. Wildlife HD – Get it today.

Wildlife HD

June Gloom

Coopers Hawk at Newport Beach

410mm f7.1 250iso 1/800sec

Here in Southern California we have a couple of sayings “May Gray” and “June Gloom”. It refers to the heavy marine layer that rolls in from the Pacific ocean every evening and covers the basin for much of the day with the sun emerging in the afternoon. It is also a prelude to the Summer sizzle that starts up in late June and lasts through September with the occasional Monsoonal days. Summer sizzle is when the cooling effect of the ocean is minimal or nonexistent for most inhabitants with sun beating down from sunrise to set. Temperatures in excess of 100 degrees are common with highs getting up to 115 degrees during heat waves. As you might imagine June Gloom is not so gloomy when thinking about the weather to come, enjoy what you have because the dog days are right around the corner. June also has the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and that leaves a few photographic opportunities for many of us.

Here sunset is hitting right around 8pm and that gives some extra time to many of us who live on a weekly schedule. Gone are the days when the days  tasks end after nightfall, many of us have a few free hours of daylight to go out and shoot every day. June Gloom is the perfect time to plan out your shots, a time to really think about the composition because you most likely are going to stay away from shots with the sky in it. Gray dreary skies just don’t cut it. That also means birds in flight are not the best option. Overcast skies are Mother Natures softbox though, so plan accordingly, turn the great outdoors into your studio. You will get some great soft light for making portraits.

Another week gone by, and another word of thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the pictures and “pearls of wisdom”.

If you happen to own an iPad don’t forget to stop by the iTunes app store and download my application Wildlife HD. Version 1.1.2 is now available with everything working fine. Camera, editor and great images all there for you.icon


Just another pair of sandhill cranes

800mm f5.6 250iso 1/6400sec

Seems like the most friendly and likable people I have met in my life happened when I was shooting birds. Stark contrast to some genuinely horrible humans I encounter on a daily basis. Dirty people with dirty minds are a drag. They are a drag and they bring others down to their low-level. Maybe because we share the passion, maybe it is because I only see them at their happiest or maybe it is because I live in the wrong circles, the people I really like are on the trail.

It all leads me to pause for a moment. I pause to think about recent events and the tornado that have hit Oklahoma and that two of nicest people I ever met are from Oklahoma city. I spent a few weeks there on vacation many years ago. I liked that but the people I met were at Bosque Del Apache last year. Such great ambassadors of their home state I left with the impression that everyone there was the same. So when I think about the devastation I think about millions of great people touched by disaster. It’s all about community I suppose, doesn’t have much to do with bird photography but is worth mentioning. Thoughts and prayers to all those who have been affected by the tornado.

Hey gang, big update to the Wildlife HD iPad application last week. If you have already downloaded it, Thank You, and make sure you update to the latest version. For those who downloaded and paid for the application in the last week there was a minor glitch in the files and the camera would not open on many machines. That bug has been fixed and is working its way through the iTunes approval process. Look out for version 1.1.2 and all functionality will be restored. Hopefully it will only be a day or two.icon

As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the picture as there is not a lot of substance to todays post. A pair of Sandhills from last years Bosque Del Apache adventure.

Have a great day and go out and get my app!

Wildlife HD Ver. 1.1

Wildlife HD

Wildlife HD

If you have already downloaded my iPad application Wildlife HD, you will be in for a little treat tomorrow. There will be an extensive update and many improvements in version 1.1. Among the improvements you will see better accessibility with Voice over for the visually impaired and a left-handed option for the built-in camera and photo editor. In the original version it was possible to navigate the entire application, with only a few exceptions, with your right thumb. Now with the left hand controls, left-handed users can also enjoy the same level of comfort in the camera and photo editor. There is also improved social sharing too. You can now share any of your own photos throughout the app via Twitter, Facebook, and Mail, edited or original. There is also limited Google Plus integration where you can share messages and contents of the Photo of the Month. It also has improved photo preset filters with one that I particularly like called “Polly Beach”.

The camera now has a choice of three focal lengths giving it that prime lens feel where you don’t have the luxury of using a zoom lens. There is also the addition of timers and audio countdown  at 5 and 10 seconds with volume control for the countdown.

The application still has all the great photos, most with birds, and content from before but if you don’t already own it you are going to have to lay out a couple of sheckles. As much as I would like to continue giving it away for free we all have to earn a living and I really did not want to put advertising in the content. It is a reasonable price I think and if you are reading this today Friday May 17 I am giving you one more day to download the application for free.

Also, I want to give a big thank you to everyone who has already downloaded the application and who visit here every week to read my ramblings and look at my pictures. Thanks is hardly enough and I promise that the best is yet to come.

So go out and grab it if you can, I will appreciate it and I think you will enjoy the content a lot.

Viva la Vida!icon