The Great Journey in Photography

iOS Apps

This webpage has become the support page for the suite of iOS photo and nature related applications created and owned by Ron Boyd Design.

These applications are:

NWWImage  Wildlife & Nature Pictures ID#595565558 – A collection of nature and wildlife image available for download. Most of the images are free to own and use. A few images are available as an in-app purchase. See the Personal Use License on the application for restrictions.

GISImage  Perspective++  – The missing link to mobile photo editing. A simple utility that works as a stand alone application and a Photos Extension that performs the important task of straightening the horizon and adjusting the perspective. A feature not in Apple’s Photos application. Perspective++ works great with panoramas and architectural photos.

BirdsForWordsImage  Birds For Words – An iMessage sticker application featuring great bird images and artwork used as stickers for common expressions.

canvasArtImage Canvas Art – Convert everyday photos to painting like works of art. A simply utility as a stand alone application and a photo editing extension that performs the task of converting the image to selected canvas backgrounds and allows users to adjust settings to create line art, painting, or water color looks.

seattle  Seattle Stickies – An iMessage sticker application featuring images, art, and landmarks from the Pacific Northwest.

All who have downloaded and or purchased items from these applications are invited to submit feed back or request support here via comments. Anyone desiring a level of privacy are encouraged to email me directly at  Questions and issues are addressed on a daily basis. Thank You for your support of the apps and if you want to learn more or download one of the applications, click on the appropriate Icon.


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