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Privacy policy for iOS applications

  • Nature & Wildlife Pictures #595565558
  • Perspective++ – Photo Editor #1248514080
  • Canvas Art – Photo Filter #1266062564
  • Birds for Words for iMessage #1153339763
  • Seattle Stickies for iMessage #1200847401

None of the above mentioned applications collects or stores user data, personal or otherwise. No third parties are provided any user data or are allowed to collect any data.

Perspective++ – Photo Editor and Canvas Art – Photo Filter applications allow users to share image data via approved manufacturer frameworks.

Perspective++ – Photo Editor, Canvas Art – Photo Filter and Nature & Wildlife Pictures allow users to save image data to storage services like iCloud and Google Drive via approved manufacturer frameworks but do not employ the use of any private containers and users can access stored data by normal means.

Any changes and updates to privacy will be documented at this location. Users can make inquiries about privacy or other concerns pertaining to the above mentioned applications by emailing

This policy has been in force since June 1 2018.